Magistrát hlavního města Prahy
Pražská energetika
čeps, a.s.


This State School consists of two levels available in the centre of Prague.

  1. The Secondary Technical School provides courses in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology for up to 480 students. The students who study here are between the ages of 15 and 19 as full-time students. Our older students study as part-time students. Completion of the course requires the passing of the final examination.
    Courses offered:
    • Information Technology
    • Electronic Computer Systems
    • Electrical Engineering
    • Technical Lyceum
  2. The Technical College focuses on Heavy-Current Electrical Engineering with a capacity of 120 students. After the completion of a variety of secondary schools, students come here and continue in their studies for 2 or 3 years. After passing the final examination the students are awarded with the DIS degree.

In addition to Technical Study, English and German courses are offered for students. The teachers organize extra-curricular activities in the areas of sports, culture and further learning for those interested. This year the students had the opportunity to visit the following:

  • London for 5 days
  • Grande Dixence (the highest Power-Station in the world in Switzerland)
  • Art Gallery in Dresden
  • Porcelain Factory in Meissen, Germany
  • Frankuft on Main
  • Brussels.

Volleyball tournaments and ski lessons are among the most popular activities for students. We also take part in athletics, floorball and football tennis competitions as well as long-distance hiking tours. Every year the school holds a memorable dance ball in Lucerna palace. We also go to the theatre performances on Cultural Day on behalf of the headmaster. This year we will be going to the play “Kebab” by Gianina Carbunariu in the Strašnice Theatre.
Overall, the school provides a friendly atmosphere that results in many former graduates returning to visit us. This year many of them could have been seen at the 65th anniversary celebration.

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